Quantile reduces risk, notional and capital requirements for market participants trading OTC derivatives.

Our market leading services connect a network of participants and deliver advanced algorithms that rebalance and reduce risk – increasing the efficiency and liquidity of markets, improving returns for clients and making the financial system safer.

Since launching in 2017, Quantile has eliminated hundreds of trillions of dollars of gross notional through interest rate compression and billions of dollars in margin through initial margin optimisation. We recently launched a capital optimisation service to help financial institutions meet new regulatory requirements and reduce their risk-based capital.

Our clients include all of the top tier global banks, regional banks and other large institutional market participants. We are headquartered in London, with offices in New York and Amsterdam (Tokyo coming soon!).

Our product development and service delivery help us to stand out in the crowd. You can play a crucial role in nurturing client relationships and capturing and relaying market feedback to the engineering department, so we can continuously develop our services to reduce more risk and deliver even greater efficiencies.

Discover how you can grow your career at Quantile, visit us at ITEA 2022.


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