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ITEA provides a platform for international companies and international talent in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. At ITEA, we strive to be a personal platform where students can easily connect in a meaningful way with international companies and organisations. To support this goal, we organise our events at The Student Hotel in Amsterdam, an inspiring atmosphere that fits perfectly for making personal and meaningful connections

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On Friday the 4th of June 2021 the 8th edition of ITEA will take place. A virtually hosted event, live from within the media studio of The Student Hotel in Amsterdam. With a digital job fair, workshops, keynotes and panel discussions there is a lot to participate in and listen to.

ITEA 2021 will pivot around sustainable growth, which is becoming increasingly important in the day of tomorrow. For this years’ edition, we are interested in how companies create economic growth that can continue over the long term without creating intolerable pollution or using up non-renewable resources.