Make a difference at the heart of our economy

Looking for a work placement or just graduated? De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) could be your next step. Work with us on confidence and financial stability.

Make a difference
In your own way, you can make the difference at the heart of our economy. From the outset you will work at the cutting edge. You may work on monetary policy or supervise financial institutions. You will start work immediately on international projects. You can choose the direction you want to develop in. You can take part in a wide range of training programmes offered by the DNB Academy, and within the European System of Central Banks.

Do you have an affinity with economics and the financial sector, and are you socially engaged? Are you for example studying economics, econometrics, law, political science, international relations, organisational psychology, mathematics or physics? Do you combine this with commitment, creativity and drive? In that case you should definitely think about one of our internships, entry-level positions or traineeships. Contact or visit

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